Who Am I?

My family!

Perhaps a Programmer... but not a designer!

My studies

I've studied at Université Catholique de Louvain to become a civil engineer in computer sciences and I'm especially interested in computer security)

Master thesis:

Privacy Aware Sharing of IOCs in MISP

Malware are plaguing this computer age. An actual solution to protect computer systems against them is threat information sharing: Organisations share lists of Indicators Of Compromise with each other. For that, an interesting open source platform called MISP allows companies to share these IOCs but also malware analyses and attack correlations in an online fashion.

On the other hand, offline lookup would also be an important feature but is stopped by the need of data privacy and confidentiality. This master thesis looks for sharing the dataset of IOCs while still protecting privacy and confidentiality by not directly disclosing the information. After a state of the art, a possible found solution had been implemented with some improvements before finally being analysed.

My repository: code and report.

Or the official MISP repository: code.

(A big thank to Conostix and CIRCL for their support)

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